Model Airplanes

1º.- Familiarisation with the Aircraft

Welcome to the aviation world, aspiring pilot. In this lesson, you will be introduced to the most fundamental concepts of these fascinating machines. Ready for take-off?

Route Planning

2º.- Pre-Flight Briefing

We have already seen the basic parts/instruments and forces that make flight possible. Now, let´s see how to prepare for our next flight and how to get essential information to fly safely

Fourth of July Airplanes

3º.- Effects of Controls

This lesson will discuss the primary and secondary flight controls of the aircraft: how they work, how we use them and the effect they have on the aircraft position and flight path

Sunset from the Airplane Window

4º.- Straight & Level Flight

This is the most basic flight manoeuver, but also one of the most useful. You will expend 90% of your career flying in this configuration. So, you better know how to do it properly

Red Airliner Landing.jpg

5º.- Climbs And Descents

If there is something that makes aeroplanes uniques machines is their ability to climb and descent. As pilots we must learn how to perform these manoeuvres correctly and safely

F22 in a steep turn

6º.- Basic Turns

Turn is a change of direction, and unless your departure and arrival airport are aligned, you better know how to perform correct and precise turns